Barrasso supports National Park Quarters

The National Parks Quarter bill first appeared in the House of Representatives when Rep. Mike Castle introduced it on June 4, 2008. On June 26, Senator John Barrasso brought a similar measure (S.3214) before the Senate, showing his support for park and site coins.

When the House unanimously passed their bill (H.R.6184) July 9, Barrasso voiced his continuing support and said the first coin will depict Wyoming’s Yellowstone National Park.

"As the nation’s first national park, it is only fitting that Yellowstone, as a part of Wyoming ‘s unique heritage, is commemorated on the first quarter," Barrasso said. "I believe these coins will increase awareness and promote efforts to preserve America ‘s national treasures for generations to come."

"Millions of people experience the pristine wilderness and rugged beauty of areas like Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Tetons, and Devil’s Tower National Monument every year. The people of Wyoming are rightly proud of the many places that display our state’s unique heritage and natural beauty."

Now Barrasso must get his Senate colleagues to pass the bill!

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