Block Island Quarters for Rhode Island in Rolls and Bags

Next Tuesday, November 13, the United States Mint will offer circulating-quality Block Island quarters that are struck at three production facilities and presented within a variety of roll and bag products.

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge Quarter in rolls and bags
Bags and rolls of 2018 Block Island National Wildlife Refuge Quarters go on sale November 13

This year’s final and overall forty-fifth coin from the U.S. Mint’s series of America the Beautiful quarter dollars has a unique design on its reverse (tails side) that is emblematic of Rhode Island’s national wildlife refuge.

Rolls and Bags of Quarters

Block Island National Wildlife Refuge quarters from the Mint will originate from one of these three production facilities:

  • the Philadelphia Mint,
  • the Denver Mint, and
  • the San Francisco Mint.

Each quarter has a mint mark on its obverse (heads side) denoting where it was made with "P" for Philadelphia, "D" for Denver, and "S" for San Francisco.

Normally, it takes months to years for newly designed quarters to make their way into pocket change, but they will eventually. Those from the San Francisco Mint, however, are produced only for coin collectors so they do not enter circulation.

Ordering them straight from the U.S. Mint assures quick delivery of new quarters and makes it much easier to get them from the three production facilities. It does cost more.

Here is a listing of the U.S. Mint’s quarter rolls and quarter bags and their prices:

Single Roll of 40 coins "S" $18.95
100-Coin Bag "P," "D," or "S" $34.95
Two-Roll Set, 40 coins per roll "P" and "D" $32.95
Three-Roll Set, 40 coins per roll "P," "D," and "S" $46.95

More Information and Where to Order

To learn more about the quarter’s design, its official release ceremony (held November 15), and a U.S. Mint coin forum (held November 14), check out our information page for the Block Island National Wildlife Refuge quarter.

When they are released at noon ET on the 15th, get the new quarter rolls and bags directly from the United States Mint. The bureau’s page for quarter products isĀ found here.

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