Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters in Rolls and Bags

Early this week, on Monday, June 29, the United States Mint will begin selling rolls and bags of 2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters.

2015 Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters in rolls and bags
Rolls and bags of Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters for North Carolina go on sale on June 29, 2015

These quarters for the national park in North Carolina are available in varying quantities and from three different U.S. Mint production locations. They are the third of five quarters for 2015, and the 28th issue in the Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program. And like coins found in change every day, they are also in circulating quality. However, they have never circulated.

Quarter Rolls and Bags

Product options with Blue Ridge Parkway quarters include single rolls, two-roll sets, three-roll sets and 100-coin bags. There are a total of six option in all, including:

  • single rolls of 40 quarters from the San Francisco Mint for $18.95;
  • two-rolls of 40 quarters each with one roll from the Philadelphia Mint and one roll from the Denver Mint for $32.95;
  • three rolls of 40 quarters each with one from San Francisco, one from Philadelphia and one from Denver for $46.95; and
  • 100-coin bags with buyer’s choice of minting facility for $34.95.

Production facilities in Denver and Philadelphia make all circulating coins for the United States. As such, quarters from these two locations will eventually find their way into change. Quarters from San Francisco, however, are produced only for coin collectors and they will not show up in change.

Designs on 2015 Kisatchie National Forest Quarters

Their reverse (tails side) depicts the grace and curvature of the road hugging the side of a mountain, with the North Carolina state flower in the foreground.

Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter
Blue Ridge Parkway Quarter

Frank Morris created this design and Joseph Menna sculpted it. Inscriptions around the imagery include BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY, NORTH CAROLINA, 2015, and E PLURIBUS UNUM.

Obverses (heads side) feature the traditional portrait of George Washington.

Where to Order the Rolls and Bags

When released at noon EDT on the 29th, rolls and bags of Blue Ridge Parkway Quarters are available directly from the United States Mint. A product page on the Mint’s website dedicated to the quarter series is located here. Call in orders at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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