2010 National Park Quarters Release Dates

Park Quarter Obverse

The final five designs for the four 2010 National Park Quarters and the 2010 National Forest Quarter were recently revealed and now the release dates for them are known as well.

The coins are the first of five in a schedule of 56 for issue in the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, which honors National Parks and National Sites between 2010 to 2021. As such, collectors are generally more interested in when they are released as compared to years ahead when the series is older and well known.

The quarter-dollars will be issued on the following dates:

  Release Dates
2010 Hot Springs National Park Quarter April 19, 2010
2010 Yellowstone National Park Quarter June 1, 2010
2010 Yosemite National Park Quarter July 26, 2010
2010 Grand Canyon National Park Quarter September 20, 2010
2010 Mount Hood National Forest Site Quarter November 15, 2010


There is no surprise with the first Hot Springs release, as the coin has been scheduled with a firm launch date for more than a month. They will begin to enter circulation on Monday, April 19, and the United States Mint will offer quarter rolls and bags at noon Eastern Time on the same day through its Web site.

In a bit of a change from many prior coin releases, the Hot Springs ceremonial release will actually occur one day later, on Tuesday, April 20. Tuesday is better for the celebratory launch since it coincides with the 178th anniversary of the park itself.

Finally, there is a potential for the remaining quarter releases to change. The U.S. Mint did not publish the exact dates listed above for the public — its Web site still offers only generic monthly time lines. The Mint instead provided the expected dates to the Federal Reserve which is responsible for distributing coins into circulation.

On the subject, the Federal Reserve information page for this year’s America the Beautiful Quarters currently states:

"Please be aware that the availability dates listed here are estimated dates published by the U.S. Mint and may change.

As a reminder, the Federal Reserve distributes coins to depository institutions to meet transactional demand, without regard to specific design.

An order placed on or after the release of a specific design does not guarantee that any quantity of that design will be used to fill the order."

However, history from past coin releases suggests that the dates are not likely to shift.

This Web site’s page: National Park Quarter Sites and Release Schedule was updated with the available launch dates as well.

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