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Glacier National Park Quarter Mintage

Glacier National Park Quarter

The United States Mint mintage total for Glacier National Park Quarters was 61.6 million. The Glacier quarter was released into circulation on April 4, which was the same day the US Mint started offering collector 100-coin bags and two-roll sets of its circulation strikes.

When considering mint facility output, Philadelphia struck fewer than Denver. The 2011-P Glacier Park Quarter mintage was 30.4 million and tied with the lowest minted park quarter to date, the 2011-P Gettysburg Park Quarter. As for the 2011-D Glacier Park Quarter, 31.2 million were produced, ranking third lowest at this time. Continue reading

Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter Mintage

Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter

The United States Mint released the sixth coin of their America the Beautiful Quarters® Program in late January 2011. So far, they produced a total of 61.2 million circulation strikes of the Gettysburg National Military Park Quarter.

That is a low number, but this is just a preliminary production figure, of course, since the numbers may change again before the final mintage is revealed early next year. Continue reading

Mount Hood National Forest Quarter Mintages

Mount Hood National Forest Quarter

The United States Mint 2010 preliminary production figures for the Mount Hood National Forest Quarter were reported at 68.8 million. Final mintage numbers are expected within weeks.

These production numbers represent coins produced for circulation via Federal Reserve Banks as well as the rolls and bags of coins that are sold on the United States Mint’s website.

The Mount Hood National Forest Quarter is the fifth and last coin of 2010 in the America the Beautiful Quarters® Program.It was released on November 15, 2010. Continue reading

Grand Canyon National Park Quarter Mintages

Grand Canyon National Park Quarter

The United States Mint has published production figures for the Grand Canyon National Park Quarter which launched into circulation on September 20, 2010. The numbers show more were struck in total than the prior three quarters.

According to figures, 70,200,000 Grand Canyon quarters were produced. When broken out, 35,400,000 were made at the Denver mint, and 34,800,000 were manufactured at the plant in Philadelphia.

These numbers are subject to change. In fact, they have once, as did the Hot Springs quarters — both in September. As originally reported in June 2010, Hot Springs had the lowest mintage and Yosemite had the highest. When the U.S. Mint released the latest numbers, the Hot Springs and the first batch of Grand Canyon totals increased, as highlighted by the following new mintage figures: Continue reading

Yosemite National Park Quarter Mintages

Yosemite National Park Quarter

Last week the United States Mint published its production figures for the recently released Yosemite National Park Quarter. It is the third coin in the new America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program.

According to the figures, 70,000,000 Yosemite quarters were struck. The number that came from the Denver facility exactly matched that of the Yellowstone coins at 34,800,000. The remaining 35,200,000 were minted at the plant in Philadelphia.

The numbers are still considered “preliminary production figures only” by the U.S. Mint, since official mintages are not expected until January 2011. Still, they provide a means for easy comparison with prior quarters. Continue reading